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ttb quick pay

Service that helps business collect online payments through a simple process of sharing payment link to customers to pay via Debit or Credit Cards
(VISA/ MasterCard) without the need to visit business storefront.

  1. Boost sales by generating online payment link for customers to make payments via Debit and Credit cards (VISA / MasterCard). Customer can pay at their own convenience, and Business will receive payments next business day.
  2. Online reports can be viewed and downloaded in real-time.
  3. Pay with confidence as all transactions are secured with One-time password (OTP), a security code sent via SMS to customer’s mobile phone registered with the bank.
  1. Business must have a deposit account with ttb.
  2. Business must be registered in Thailand as company limited, partnership, group of persons, foundation, association, or individual. Business must be operating for more than 6 months and is required to place 300,000 baht as guarantee deposit.
  3. Business must provide a lawful and ethical product or services only (example of unlawful or unethical business product or services are tobacco business, illegal drugs, den of iniquity, pornography, matchmaking, gambling, firearm, or time sharing business).
  4. Business must have a permanent and contactable address in Thailand.