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Why ttb ?

Make REAL Change

At ttb, you are not just working but making a meaningful impact.


Working in a trusted environment and having confidence in one another.

Challenge Status Quo

Think, initiative, innovate and dare challenge the quo.
Do things differently to provide better financial experiences for customers.


Our abilities and potential are sharpened and expanded everyday.
Fearless of failure, but eager to learn and adapt in order to lead a changing


We value diversity and individuality thus your thoughts and suggestions
are appreciated and ensure cooperation.


Your outstanding effort will be recognized and praised.
We think every project is carefully organized and we are dedicated to
delivering the best results. Planning requires comprehension, concentration,
and attention to detail.

Open Space for Open Idea

ttb people’s stories

Beyond Workstation

How We Work

Because we are all in each other's environments, ttb people are committed to applying I CARE as a Way we work with our customers, partners,
and fellow employees.