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ttb no fixed account

A high-interest savings account that helps accomplish your savings goals. You can keep sub-accounts separately in one main account in order to help sort your savings goals more effectively

Product Highlights

High interest

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Get high interest from the first one Baht.

Cardless withdrawal

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Easy and convenient as you can get cash instantly any time by making transactions via ttb touch application at ttb atm without charge and without limited.

Online account opening

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Easily open the account via ttb touch application anytime anywhere without minimum deposit requirement.

Supreme savings account

  • National ID card
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A savings account that provides savings goals service by splitting your wallet into multiple goals without having to open several accounts.

Deposit Rates/ Interest Rate

Product details

Account Details
  • No minimum requirement for initial or next deposit.
  • One customer can open only 1 account which can be either individual or joint account (individual account and joint account counted together)
  • If the total withdrawal or transfer transactions via Branch Counter exceed 2 times per month (from the 3rd transaction onwards), the Bank will charge additional fee from the normal fee (if any) at the rate of 50 Baht per transaction.
  • Eligible for funds transfer between ttb accounts via ttb touch app without limited times. In case of joint-account, it cannot be used for funds transfer but only for balance enquiry.
  • Cannot be used in conjunction with all types of debit cards.
  • Not eligible for bill payment, payment for goods and services via e-Payment, interbank funds transfer (ORFT/SMART) via ttb touch app.
  • Not eligible for direct debit service for payment of goods and services.
  • Not eligible for use as linked account for funds transfer to another account but can be designated as a beneficiary account.
  • Interest rates and other conditions shall be as announced by the Bank. The Bank reserves the right to change the interest rates as well as terms and conditions as deemed appropriate subject to prior notice at the Bank’s Office and via the Bank’s website.
Account opening / online account opening

Available in 2 channels at your convenience.

  • Online account opening via ttb touch application (for current deposit customers).
  • Account opening at every ttb Branch requires only national ID card.

For enquiries, please call ttb contact center 1428 throughout 24 hours.

Interest Payment
  • Interest payment shall be calculated on a daily basis based on the outstanding balance in the account and will be transferred to the depositor's account on the last day of every month
Interest Conditions
  • Customers using ttb all free account for transactions at least 5 times in current month, Earn bonus interest in the following month
  • Customers who make deposit together with funds investment will get high interest when having an average account balance in current month from 2 million Baht up together with NAV from investment in all types of mutual funds via ttb.
  • Bonus interest calculation is based on the net average value, i.e., NAV multiplied by total number of outstanding units allocated on every day, divided by number of days in a particular month in order to get bonus interest in the following month.
Application Documents
  • national ID card
Comparison between ttb no fixed and other accounts
General Savings Account Term Deposit Account of less than 12 months ttb no fixed
High interest

No minimum requirement for initial

Can withdraw any time.
Deposit period is not fixed.

Deposit interest is non-taxable
if the total amount of interest earned from all banks does not exceed 20,000 Baht per year.