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ttb dream savings account

ttb dream savings account

Easily establish your savings discipline and achieve every financial goal with our auto savings facilities that help you realize your dreams. Withdrawal is allowed whenever you wish.

Product Highlights

Definitely realize your dreams and harness your monthly savings discipline financial goal auto savings facilities.

Breezily realize your dreams by fixing the deposit amount and debit date on your own. When the target is achieved, you can transfer your savings into main account without interest reduction and without fee.

Quickly realize your dreams with special interest rate and interest bonus for the first 6 months.

Product details

Account Details
  • Available for normal customers (individual customers) and must not be opened jointly with other persons.
  • ttb dream savings is the deposit account that links with the Bank’s savings account or current account (main account) designated by the customer on the account opening date.
  • The Bank will automatically transfer money from the main account to ttb dream savings account in each calendar month. The customer can set the debit date and amount from 500 Baht – 25,000 Baht per month. The balance in the main account must remain enough for such debit at least 1 working day prior to the date specified by the customer. If the due date is the 31st day of each month, the Bank shall, in the month that has less than 31 days, debit money on the last day of that month instead.
  • The customer can change the account number of the savings account or current account (main account) linked with ttb dream savings account at every ttb branch.
  • The customer can change the direct debit date and amount at every ttb branch or via ttb touch application. The change will become effective within 2 days after the Bank receives such request.
  • To execute transactions via ttb dream savings account The customer can withdraw money from ttb dream savings account, whereby the withdrawn amount shall be transferred only to the linked account designated by the customer without fee.
  • The customer cannot deposit money directly into ttb dream savings account.
  • The customer cannot use this direct debit for payment of goods and services, utility bill payment or loan payment, and cannot use it with the linked account in order to transfer money to another deposit account or to make any financial transaction via ttb dream savings account.
  • Not available for use in conjunction with all types of cards.
  • Interest rates and other conditions shall be as announced by the Bank. The Bank reserves the right to change the interest rates as well as terms and conditions as deemed appropriate subject to prior notice at the Bank’s Office and via the Bank’s website.
Interest rate

Check interest rate at menu interest rate and fee

Interest Payment

Interest is calculated on a daily basis and shall be credited to the Depositor’s account semi-annually in June and December of each year.

Account Opening Document
  • National ID card
  • Passbook of the savings account or current account (main account) designated to link with ttb Dream savings account.
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