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Shareholder FAQ

How can I transfer my shares to other person?
If I want to amend shareholder information, such as title, first name, surname, and address, how do I do to request for correction of security holder information?
If the owner of shares dies and there is an order of the court appointing the trustee, what should be done?
If I am an heir/heiress of the deceased shareholder but there is no letter of administration, what should I do ?
If my share certificate/s is/are lost or damaged and/or I want to combine or split the share certificate/s, what should I do ?
What should I do to surrender the share certificate/s? 
What should I do if I want to change the payment of my dividend cheque to my account? 
If I want to change the method of dividend/interest payment from cheque to bank account or vice versa, or to change the bank account, what should I do? 
If I lost my dividend/interest cheque or the cheque details are incorrect or it was torn or damaged, what should I do? 
If I would like the registrar to print the shareholders registration document, details of share certificate/s or to copy share certificate/s or share/s transfer deed/s, or if I want to request a certificate of tax deduction at source what should I do? 
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