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Pillar 3 Disclosure

TMB’s Basel III Pillar 3 report sets out disclosure requirements according to the Bank of Thailand’s (BOT) regulations: Sor.Nor.Sor.4/2556 the disclosure requirements of capital adequacy for commercial banks and Sor.Nor.Sor.5/2556 the disclosure requirements of capital adequacy for full consolidation. Basel III became effective on 1 January 2013 with a series of amendments and enhancements to the previous "three pillar" Basel II framework. These are to be phased in over a transitional period, with full implementation by 2019.

The purpose of Pillar 3 - market discipline is to complement the minimum capital requirements of Pillar 1, and the supervisory review process of Pillar 2; by developing a set of disclosure requirements which will allow market participants to assess key pieces of information on the scope of application, capital, risk exposures, risk assessment processes, and hence the capital adequacy of the bank.

TMB publishes its annual and semiannual Pillar 3 Disclosures on its website.

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