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Punboon is total foundation solution for foundations and public charitable organizations that helps manage donations from various channels, manage fundraising activities, and manage documents.

It is able to receive donations from both offline and online i.e., credit card, QR prompt pay, rabbit and line pay. The total foundation solution is easy to use, convenience, and reliable because the funds go directly to foundations’ account.



Donation to Punboon

  1. Help foundations manage all operational business activities both paper work and financial transactions.
    • Reduce the process of issuing a receipt.
    • Access to information thru reports. Donation result can be tracked all the time, with the transparency and verifiable process.
  2. Increase new channels for receiving donations.
  3. Facilitate donors in applying for tax deductions according to “e-Donation” project. Donation information will be sent to the Revenue Department through the “My Tax Account” system. Then donors do not have to record donation information and do not have to send donation documents to the Revenue Department.

Only public charitable organizations and donation units, which according to law, donations can be used for tax deductions.