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ttb non life business insurance

ttb non-life business insurance covers the business’ asset and its employees in case of an unexpected event. This insurance helps our clients gain more confidence in running a business. With our first-class alliances both local and international insurers, we design protection that match your business’ needs.

The variety of non-life insurance we offer:

  • Property insurance
  • Engineer and constructing insurance
  • Business interruption insurance
  • Marine and cargo insurance
  • Motor fleet insurance
  • Legal offense insurance
  • Employee insurance
  • Business loan insurance
  1. Our insurance coverages are flexible for your business. We tailor the protections as per your needs.
  2. Risk advisory service for business clients free of charge
    • Risk Engineer Consultant service to provide optimum risk protection to your business: The consultant will assess your current risk exposures and current protections. Risk assessment report will be issue so that you can implement necessary protections and have optimum insurance that suit the residual risks.
    • Claim Advisory Service to assist you during the unforeseen event. The consultant will provide advice under your current insurance policy, analyze causes of lost, guide and facilitate claim request with your insurers.
    • Protection Service by Insurance Experts: With our expertise in risk and protection, we help you in setting insurance term and conditions with insurers, negotiating, comparing the details and provide advice on the optimum solutions and insurance premium that suit your business requirements.

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