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ttb fund supervisory service

ttb fund supervisory service aims for supervising and protecting the interests of the mutual funds and investors.

The scope of services is as follows:

  1. To monitor and follow up fund management of fund managers to ensure that it is in line with the policies stated in the Prospectus.
  2. To certify the correctness of each fund’s net assets value for the benefit of investors.
  3. To take into custody the customers’ assets and keep them segregated from the Bank’s assets.
  4. To receive, deliver and accept transfers of the fund’s essential documents and assets.
  5. To receive, verify, maintain register book and certify the correctness of fund assets.
  6. To certify that the asset value, net asset value and investment unit value are correctly calculated.
  7. To supervise, collect and follow up fund assets or protect the right over the fund assets for assurance that the returns from investment are fully, timely and correctly distributed.
  8. To provide report on outstanding securities, investment status and other performance reports relating to fund management.

The customers can rest assured that the benefits from mutual fund investments will be properly supervised and protected for their best interests, and that fund management will be conducted in line with the policy stated in the Prospectus.


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