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ttb transfer letter of credit

The service that facilitates procurement process with transferable Letter of Credit. It allows you to transfer the rights under the L/C to other beneficiaries. If the primary beneficiary (supplier) is unable to manufacture the product within the time limited therefore, other beneficiaries (suppliers) may require to supply the product for you instead.

For seller who is intermediary trader, seller will benefit from the margin between the actual payment amount and the documented amount in the L/C.

In term of payment - ttb will transfer the payment according to the Letter of Credit (L/C) as requested by beneficiary to assignee which has stated in the Letter of Credit (L/C). This Letter of Credit (L/C) must be marked “TRANSFERABLE L/C” and issue our bank name as “L/C Transferor”.

  1. Margin opportunity for intermediary manufacture and seller between the actual transferred amount and the L/C amount.
  2. Risk mitigation to receive product as plan. Within the term that the primary seller (beneficiary) could not supply product to the buyer, the primary seller/beneficiary may seek for other suppliers to support them. The payment will easily transfer to the suppliers via the Transferable Letter of Credit.

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