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ttb fleet card

An advance expense management tools to help customers control gas spending efficiently at participating gas service stations nationwide through our credit program. The solution come with online reports, point of sales tax invoices, real-time USSD credit checking for drivers, and more customized solutions tailored to business needs. Convenient with access to all top gas service stations nationwide.

  1. Granular level of control in gasoline spending through layers of credit limits, type of gasolines, eligible car via license plate, and much more to support customers’ needs.
  2. Eliminate the risk from cash expense.  Full transparency on every spending with online real-time report for every transactions.
  3. Convenient to use across all top gas stations nationwide through our partners.
  4. Free, no application fee and no membership fee for the first year.
  5. Preauthorized and controlled as cardholders can use their cards immediately to pump gas with no further authorization needed. 
  6. Detailed information of credit card usage such as date, time, service station, amount of gas (litres), price (THB), additional taxes (VAT), and distance travelled (km) are available for customers to review their fuel efficiency via our  ttb web fleet online reporting tools.
  7. Able to download credit card statements via the ttb web fleet platform immediately after each billing cycle.
  8. Easily check total remaining balance for free in real time using a USSD from mobile phone. 

Juristic Persons

Document Required

For Juristic Persons

  1. Minutes of meetings of director requesting to open a ttb fleet card with the requested corporate credit line
  2. Certificate of Company Registration (certification document from the Ministry of Commerce) / must be submitted within 3 months of certification from the Ministry of Commerce
  3. Latest financial statements over the period of 3 years
  4. Valid copy of the identity cards / copy of passports for non-Thai citizens of the principal (authorization director), the authorized representative of the legal entity, and the legal entity’s appointed person
  5. Credit Bureau letter of consent to the release of information

For government agencies or state enterprises

  1. Minutes of meetings of the directors or letter requesting to open a ttb fleet card, signed by the attorney in fact of the government agency or state enterprise
  2. Documents related to government affairs / Establishment act / Letter appointing the department Director General or substitute / Letter authorizing the substitution / Details from the government (if available)
  3. Valid copy of identity cards / government cards / state enterprise staff cards that include the 13-digit ID number of principal (authorization director), the attorney in fact of the government agency or state enterprise, and the party appointed by the government agency or state enterprise
  4. Power of attorney authorizing ttb bank as representative for withholding and filing withheld taxes
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