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ttb domestic funds transfer via SMART credit

A service for transferring money to a large number of recipients cross banks. The service is used to pay to suppliers’ goods, pay staff salaries, pay bonuses, pay taxes, or pay dividends. Recipients must have a savings account or current account at another bank and Receiving banks must also be a member of the SMART system.

  1. Save time, All payment transactions can be prepared in a bulk file, save time to prepare individually.
  2. Payment results can be tracked and generated into a report.
  3. Accurate, Recipients will receive the money on time per scheduled.
  4. Save cost and reduce company expenses.

Juristic Persons

Document Required

For Juristic Persons

  1. Certificate of Company Registration (certification document from the Ministry of Commerce) / must be submitted within 3 months of certification from the Ministry of Commerce
  2. A copy of the identification cards of the authorized signatory
  3. Power of attorney authorization letter certified by the attorney in fact, along with copies of the identification cards of the attorney in fact and the principal (authorization grantor) (if available)
  4. Minutes of meetings of directors