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ttb cash pooling

ttb cash pooling allows corporate clients to manage liquidity funding and lending within corporate and affiliates accounts to optimize corporate’s operating balance needs and surplus funds for investment.

  1. Automatic money transfer between sub-account and main account under conditions of a deposit/withdrawal at the sub-account, the system will
    • Fund the sub-account in the event of a withdrawal
    • Transfer surplus cash in the event of a deposits to the sub-account
  2. Flexible conditions for automatic transfers
    • Automatic transfer only when withdrawals are made at a sub-account. (Debit Only)
    • Automatic transfer when deposit is made at a sub-account only. (Credit Only)
    • Automatic transfer when depositing and withdrawing funds at a sub-account (Debit& Credit)
  3. Liquidity management reports are available via
    • Email
    • Bank server via sFTP
    • Internet Banking
  4. Multiple sub-accounts can be transferred to a single main account.
  5. The main account can be ttb current account or ttb savings account (no book).
  6. The system will operate daily.
  7. Check amount will only be transferred after the check has been cleared.

Fee: 25 Baht / sub-account / day or according to the bank's fee announcement.

  1. Convenient pooling of surplus cash: all deposits to the sub-account will be transferred to the main account immediately.
  2. Eliminate the need to keep funds idle in the sub-account as the main account will automatically fund the sub-account against withdrawals.
  3. Reduce administrative costs.
  4. Reduce OD utilization by efficiently fund corporate accounts through affiliates and subsidiaries within the group company.
  1. Group pooling is only eligible for companies and its direct affiliates and subsidiaries with shareholding more than 25% in the past 6 months.
  2. The use of the ttb cash pooling service shall cancel and supersede all existing pooling structure with the bank.
  3. Intraday automatic transfer system is only available for funds deposited or transferred to sub-accounts via bank counter or ATM/ADM or ttb business one, IVR or Call Center channel only.
  4. Intraday transfers available for deposits or drawdowns made between 05.00 a.m. – 10.00 p.m.
  5. The system will only transfer funds if there are sufficient funds in the account or credit limit according to the amount requested for withdrawal and transfer from sub-account only. If there is not enough money in the main account or not enough money to proceed. Automatic transfers will not be made.
Document Required

For Juristic Persons

  1. Copy of company registration certificate up to 3 months old and signed by authorized person or company authorized person to certify a valid copy
  2. A copy of the identities of authorized persons or the persons representing the Company and signing a valid copy
  3. Power of attorney on behalf of the Company (if any)
  4. Letter of intention specifying intercompany lending and borrowing rates (if any)
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