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ttb digital invoice management

The digital invoice management solution that aggregates invoices and deliver them digitally to paying customers via SMS/Email with an added convenience for customers to verify their payment and send proof of payment back to the business partner.

  1. Customers can manage users’ rights in the organization.
    • Create and manage user lists and assign right for user.
    • Create, assign task groups, and right of use.
    • Create a list of users with relevant rights.
    • Admin users can create, delete, edit, and reset their users.
  2. Customers can manage recipients and create billing documents.
    • Manage customer lists and invoice issuance.
    • Create customer lists by uploading files (.CSV) or key-ins one by one.
    • Invoice submission can be set up via SMS, email, or line delivery channels.
    • Create a short and full list of invoices by uploading excel or key-ins one at a time.
  3. Notification systems for recipients with information on payment channels
    • Automatic invoice delivery with online payment methods.
    • Automated online invoice delivery via SMS, email or line.
    • Customers can choose to pay instantly via QR or debit/credit card.
    • The company can specify payment fees.
  4. Real-time tracking
    • Monitor payment situations with analytical data.
    • Search for information to check status in real time via dashboards and reports.
    • Reports can be downloaded in excel format.
    • You can resend invoices to follow up overdue cases.

Juristic Persons

Document Required

For Juristic Persons

  1. Company certificate of registration, with minimum registration of 1 year (issued no more than 3 months old)
    • For Juristic person: Company certificate
    • For Group of person/ Associate/ Foundation/ School/ Organization: Registration of the establishment and letter of committee appointment
  2. Copy of Value added tax return under the revenue (Por. Por. 30)
  3. Copy of identity card and house registration of authorized person stated on company certificate with certified true copy. For foreigner, Passport and Valid Work Permit
  4. Income statement for the past 1 year with supporting documents or Statement for the past 6 months
  5. Specific business license (i.e., Hotel business, Tourism business. if applicable)
    • Travel: Tour License (Form TM.1)
    • Pharmacy: Business License for Sale of Each Type of Drug / Modern Medicine Sales License (Form) B.E. 4) / License to sell traditional medicines (Form 2)
    • Dealerships Airfare: IATA membership certificate or appointment to be the air ticket reseller
    • Medical Clinic: Medical License (Form Feb 7)
    • Hotel / Apartment / Resort / Hostel: Hotel Business License (Form R.2)
    • Animal Hospital: Animal Nursing Home Business License
    • Cosmetics only for brand owners: License from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
    • School: School Establishment License (Form NHS2)
    • Cosmetics Sales Representative, Car / Motorcycle Dealer: Dealer's License
    • Tutoring Institute: License to set up informal schools issued by ministry of education
    • Spa / Fitness / Golf Course: Details of service and duration of service (Package)
    • Life Insurance: Agent license and power of attorney to receive money on behalf of the insurer

Note: For government agencies, supporting documents are exempted from section 4

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