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Company Secretary

The Company Secretary’s roles and responsibilities are to perform duty in compliance with the laws and follow up on activities of the Board of Directors and Board Committees, management, and the Bank to be in line with relevant laws, regulations, and Articles of Association of the Bank. The Company Secretary is also to support the Board of Directors, Board committees, management, and the Bank to implement operations in line with good corporate governance principles.

The Company Secretary has roles and responsibilities as follows:

1. For the Bank

    1.1 To monitor and ensure that the Bank’s overall operations comply with relevant laws and regulatory requirements including resolutions of Board of Directors, resolutions of annual general meeting of shareholders

    1.2 To oversee the storage and maintenance of the Bank’s important documentation such as the affidavit, the Memorandum & Articles of Association, the shareholder register, licenses and power of attorney, etc.

    1.3 To enforce guidelines so that the Bank’s policies and practices comply with the good corporate governance principles and that they are regularly reviewed

2. For the Board

    2.1 To advise the Board of Directors and management on laws and regulations relevant to their duties

    2.2 To oversee and ensure that meetings of the Board of Directors and Board Committees established by the Board of Directors are in line with the laws, regulations, the Bank’s Articles of Association, charters, and best practices

    2.3 To perform as the secretary to the Board of Directors and other Board Committees as assigned, including the Chief Executive Committee, to take accurate and complete minutes, to inform the relevant management on the resolutions and follow up on the resolution implementation

    2.4 To oversee the changes of directors and examine directors’ qualifications in case of new appointments and resignations by rotation in accordance with regulatory requirements, including obtaining the Bank of Thailand’s approval

    2.5 To review directors’ qualifications throughout the term of directorship to ensure that the qualifications are always in line with regulatory requirements

    2.6 To oversee insider information of the directors

    2.7 To facilitate directors’ training and development

    2.8 To provide the Board’s and Board Committees’ performance assessment

    2.9 To arrange Directors and Officers Liability Insurance (D&O Insurance) for the directors and management

3. For the Shareholders

    3.1 To conduct shareholders’ meeting in line with the laws, the Bank’s Articles of Association and good corporate governance principles, including performing the duty as the secretary to the shareholders’ meeting

    3.2 To oversee the right of shareholders and to create good relationship with the shareholders

Mrs. Manika Sitthichai

Position Company Secretary
Date of Appointment May 3, 2022
Age 51 years old


  • Master of Business Administration (MBA) (International Business), The George Washington University, USA
  • Bachelor of Economics (International Economics), Second Class Honors, Chulalongkorn University


  • Director Certificate Program (DCP), Company Secretary Program (CSP), Financial Institutions Governance Program (FGP), Board Reporting Program (BRP), Corporate Governance for Executive (CGE), Subsidiary Governance Program (SGP), and Company Secretary Forum 2023: Role of Company Secretary in Driving ESG, Thai Institute of Directors Association (IOD)
  • Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), Anti-Corruption, Code of Conduct, Non-Financial Risk Management, Fraud Risk Management Cybersecurity Risk Awareness, Crafting your FUTURE CAREER (for People Manager) and Top Team Dynamic Development, TMBThanachart Bank Plc.
  • NCSA Cybersecurity Knowledge Sharing no.2/2024 Re: Balancing Cybersecurity and Data Privacy, National Cyber Security Agency (NCSA)
  • Security Awareness Training: Cybersecurity and Cyber Resilience, TMBThanachart Plc.
  • Generative AI in Banking, Decentralized Finance (DeFi), Digital Marketing Strategy, Open Banking and Virtual Banking, and ESG - Environmental, Social, Governance, TMBThanachart Plc.
  • The Next Chapter of ESG: Start with How, Anti-Money Laundering and Combating the Financing of Terrorism, Market Conduct, and Deposit Protection, The Thai Bankers’ Association

Positions in Other Listed Companies


Positions in Non-Listed Companies


Working Experience on the Past 5 Years

May 2022 – Present     Company Secretary, TMBThanachart Bank Plc.
Jan 2022 – Present      Head of Corporate Counselor, TMBThanachart Bank Plc.
Mar 2020 – Dec 2021   Head of Corporate Secretariat, TMBThanachart Bank Plc.*
Dec 2019 – Feb 2020   Senior Vice President (SVP), Corporate Secretariat, Office of the Chairman of Executive Committee and the CEO, Thanachart Bank Plc.
May 2013 – Nov 2019  First Vice President (FVP), Corporate Secretariat, Office of the Chairman of Executive Committee and the CEO, Thanachart Bank Plc.

Shareholding in TTB :


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* TMB Bank Plc. changed its name to TMBThanachart Bank Plc. on 6 May 2021.