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ttb e-guarantee (e-L/G)

Electronic letter of guarantee (e-L/G) is the service that the bank guarantees customers to undertake the performance of contracts or obligations that the customer has, to the beneficiary. The sending channel of the information of the letter of guarantee among the customer, the bank, and the beneficiary will be via electronics channel. Our services cover completed L/G services which includes new issuing, renewal, increasing amount, decreasing amount, cancellation and claimed.

Currently, beneficiaries who receive e-L/G are

  1. Government under Comptroller General’s Department - The bank provides the service for the procurement process with government via e-GP system e.g. e-Bidding, e-Performance. Type of letter of guarantee are bid bond, performance bond, advance payment bond, and retention bond.
  2. Thai Customs - Type of letter of guarantee is Customs/Tax bond.
  3. State of Enterprise and Corporate Companies - Type of letter of guarantee are bid bond, performance bond, advance payment bond, retention bond, purchase/merchandize bond and utility bond.
  1. Speedy issuance of letter of guarantee through the system that connects between beneficiaries and the banking system. The customer knows the results immediately and will not miss jobs that require urgent letter of guarantees such as auctions for various events.
  2. Boost the business credibility because it has been guaranteed by the bank.
  3. Accurate & Reliable.
  4. Reduce paperwork and cancellation of letter of guarantee can be done easily through electronic system.
  5. Do not need to visit branch to issue L/G.
  1. Juristic persons registered to operate a business in Thailand.
  2. Have been in business at least 2 years.
  3. Profits in the past 3 years are positive.
  4. Pass the National Credit Bureau check and no history of late payment. Borrowers must not in the process of debt restructuring contract and currently not considered NPL by any financial institution prior to application.
  5. Borrowers must not be sued in any monetary cases and not be declared bankruptcy or not receive the court order for business rehabilitation prior to application.

Remark: other qualifications are as per the bank’s regulations.

Document Required

For Juristic Persons

  1. Company Certificate issued by the Ministry of Commerce/ Office of the Company Limited and Partnership Registration, and objectives of Juristic person
  2. Company share holder report
  3. Juristic person’s regulations / Partnership agreement letter
  4. Financial report statement and financial auditor’s report
  5. Internal financial statement or value added tax return form (Por. Por. 30)
  6. Commercial documents such as A/R, A/P, Inventory report, Bill purchase
  7. Licenses required to operate the business according to the type of industry
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