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ttb domestic funds transfer via direct credit

Payment service to pay for goods and services to multiple ttb bank accounts in a single electronic batch file. This service will help corporate customers making payments on time while also reducing the number of steps in creating payment transactions.

  1. Recipients will receive funds quickly and with certainty according to the specified time.
  2. Increase efficiency, safety, and confidence in making business payments.
  3. Reduce cost by eliminating cheque process and replacing with fund transfer.
  4. Receive a transaction report immediately via our internet banking platform - ttb business one.

Juristic Persons

Document Required

For Juristic Persons

  1. Certificate of Company Registration (certification document from the Ministry of Commerce) / must be submitted within 3 months of certification from the Ministry of Commerce
  2. A copy of the identification cards of the authorized signatory
  3. Power of attorney authorization letter certified by the attorney in fact, along with copies of the identification cards of the attorney in fact and the principal (authorization grantor) (if available)
  4. Minutes of meetings of directors