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ttb SMS alert

ttb SMS alert

Track every activity in your account and increase confidence about every financial transaction.

Product Highlights

Keep you informed of every movement. Receive timely notification whenever an account transaction is made.

More Detail
  • Money withdrawal, deposit, transfer.
  • Debit card spending.
  • Direct credit or debit.
  • Cheque return.

Product details

Service Details
  • The applicant must have a savings account or current account for private individual only (not a joint account), and use the Bank’s service or debit card.
  • Types of transactions informed via SMS alert are money deposit/withdrawal, funds transfer, debit card spending, direct credit / debit and cheque return.
  • The Bank will send SMS alert promptly after the Service User has made transaction such as money deposit/withdrawal, money transfer, spending via debit card, direct credit/debit via any of the Bank’s service channels throughout 24 hours, except for the transaction that awaits processing results (after 23.00 hrs.) such as interbank funds transfer within 1 business day, cheque return and direct credit/debit whereby the Bank shall send SMS to the Service User on the following day.
  • You can change your phone number or cancel ttb SMS alert at ttb ATM or via ttb contact center 1428.
  • Terms and conditions of the service shall be as specified by the Bank.
  • The Bank reserves the right to cancel ttb SMS alert service in case the service fee cannot be collected from the enrolled account.
Apply via ttb ATM
  • Insert card and enter password.
  • Select “Others”, then select “SMS Alert Service
  • Select “Register ttb SMS Alert.
  • Check mobile phone number, then press “Confirm.”
Cancel via ttb ATM
  • Insert card and enter password.
  • Select “Others”, then select “SMS Alert Service.”
  • Select “Cancel ttb SMS Alert
  • Select “Confirm” to confirm the cancellation.
  • Receive the transaction slip confirming your service cancellation. The system will send SMS confirmation to the mobile phone number registered with the Bank.