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We understand and are ready to help you navigate your financial terrain with ease.

Product Highlight

Cash Your Car: Car Registration Transferred

Designed for those with lien-free cars. Fixed interest rates with fast approval within 30 minutes.
Low interest rates and high financing amount. Get cash and continue to drive.

Cash Your Car : Refinance

Designed for those whose cars are still under mortgage. The Bank will provide financing to pay-off the existing loan at 100% of the assessed value. Save monthly payments with remaining balance for other expenses.

Cash Your Car : Debt Consolidation

Designed for those who want to consolidate car debts, credit card debts and other personal debts by using an auto financing to pay-off the existing loans. Get low interest rates to reduce your monthly payments with high loan amount equal to the car value. Clear your debts and still spare money for other expenses.

Cash Your Car : Car Registration Loan

Designed for those who are looking for a speedy cash within 1 business day without having to transfer vehicle registration book. Effective rates of interest without fee. Premature account closure is permitted with interest calculated up to the closing date.

Product Details

Eligibility and Required Documents


  • Age between 20 – 65 years.
  • Mimimum income 9,000 Baht / month.
  • Type of vehicles: Sedan and pick-up trucks aged not over 16 years.

Remark: Applicant’s eligibility criteria and type of vehicles differ in each program. Please check relevant conditions with the Bank’s staff.


Required Documents

  • Copy of national ID card / government official ID card – 3 sets.
  • Copy of House Registration – 3 sets.
  • Latest pay slip or certificate of income.
  • Copy of bank statements for the last 3 months.
  • Copy of the passbook’s first page for money transfer into the account.
  • Copy of vehicle registration book / blue book (if any).