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ttb DRIVE… Cash Your Car

Beyond an auto loan……a drive to a more enjoyable life

Designed for car owners who want to enrich their financial liquidity
High financial amount, attractive interest, fast approval with doorstep service from our financing experts

Get cash

and keep on driving


even for cars under installment plan

Choose your preferred option

Car registration transferred or not

Choose ttb DRIVE option that best suits your needs

1) Only for customers who meet the Bank’s lending criteria with complete documents.
2) Loan limit up to 120% depends on the customers’ qualifications and based on the Bank’s conditions.
3) Equivalent to the real interest rate of 5.93% - 15.00% p.a.
4) Maximum installment period of 84 months depending on the customers’ conditions as specified by the Bank.
5) Excess payment means payment in excess of the specified amount. The excess portion shall be brought to pay off the entire principal, thus lowering interest payments for the following month.

*Conditions are as determined by the Bank / Eligible only for customers who meet the Bank’s lending criteria with complete documents as required.

Product Details

Eligibility and Required Documents


  • Age between 20 – 65 years.
  • Mimimum income 9,000 Baht / month.
  • Type of vehicles: Sedan and pick-up trucks aged not over 16 years.

Remark: Applicant’s eligibility criteria and type of vehicles differ in each program. Please check relevant conditions with the Bank’s staff.


Required Documents

  • Copy of national ID card / government official ID card – 3 sets.
  • Copy of House Registration – 3 sets.
  • Latest pay slip or certificate of income.
  • Copy of bank statements for the last 3 months.
  • Copy of the passbook’s first page for money transfer into the account.
  • Copy of vehicle registration book / blue book (if any).
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