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ttb motor warranty

ttb motor warranty

Drive with confidence and enjoy a comprehensive vehicle coverage of our warranty to keep your vehicle safe to drive and in good condition.


When the vehicle has become older mechanical and electrical part could break or improperly perform.

Worry-free from unexpected expenses with our warranty that covers 18 main mechanical and electrical components or 316 items.


Product Highlights

ประกันอะไหล่รถยนต์ซ่อมห้าง ประกันอะไหล่รถยนต์ซ่อมห้าง

Cover mechanical and electrical components or 316 items including labor cost of qualified technician at nationwide OEMs authorized service center.

Stress-free from unexpected expenses with unlimited claims and accumulated claim amount up to the sum insured value.

ttb motor warranty ttb motor warranty
ttb motor warranty ttb motor warranty

Be more confident to drive your car with our emergency roadside assistance 24-hours.

Coverage and benefits

Cover the actual cost of spare parts and related mechanical and electrical breakdown and technician labor but not exceed sum insured amount.

Item Component Coverage Examples of Spare Parts under the Coverage
1 Engine all lubricated parts that are inside cylinder head and engine block. Cylinder head, Engine block; Valve, Timing gear, Timing chain, Connecting rod, Piston, Piston ring and all lubricated parts that are inside cylinder head and engine block
2 Transmission (automatic, manual and CVT) Gear teeth, Internal parts of gear, Transmission Valve Solenoids, Differential Gear assembly
3 Drive axle (front and rear) Drive shaft, Universal joints, Coupling, CV Joint
4 Air conditioning* and heating A/C compressor and seals, Hot / Cold Air Mix control actuators
5 Brakes Brake booster, Parking Brake Adjustment, Parking Brake Mechanism
6 Electrical system Alternator, Wiring harnesses (excluding spark plug wires), All Electronic Control Units ECU’s (factory-installed)
7 Engine cooling system Water pump, Radiator and radiator fan, Thermostat
8 Emissions management system Air control valve, Lambda (Oxygen) sensor, EGR control valve
9 Fuel system (diesel and petrol) Fuel Pressure Pump, Fuel Injection Mechanism , Adblue Control Unit
10 Hi-tech Keyless entry / central locking system , Anti-theft alarm, factory-installed
11 Steering Steering rack and pinion housing, Pulley assembly, power steering pump, Steering Column Joint
12 Front and rear suspension Trailing Arm , Springs, Stabilizer Ball Joint, Steering Knuckle
13 Turbocharger Turbocharger and supercharger (factory-installed)
14 All-wheel drive All Time 4 Wheel Drive Control Module
15 Full time/part time 4 wheel-drive Full Time 4 Wheel Drive Control Module
16 Active safety ABA (Active Brake Assist System), ABS, EBD, Traction Control Module
17 Passive safety and security Airbag module assembly, Lock lever assembly, door, Safety belts
18 Passenger comfort Power seat motors, Speed/cruise control

Benefit details

24hr emergency roadside assistance: Call 02-305-4466 press 2

Service Details
24-hour emergency roadside assistance An unlimited number of Emergency Roadside Service requests per under the insurance period
An unlimited number of towing requests per under the insurance period

Towing up to a distance of 200 km. to any destination apply for each service. A Charge of 25 Bath /km is applicable for distances beyond this and charges for any additional Kilometers are the member’s responsibility.

For long distance towing in excess of 50 (Fifty) km. , The Service providers will negotiate a fixed price and agree with the Customer(s) prior to authorising the towing. The Customer shall be responsible for these costs.

In the event that the customer’s vehicle runs out of fuel (cannot drive) The attending technician will deliver up to 10 litres of fuel in the event that the customer’s vehicle runs out of fuel (cannot drive). This service is to enable the customer to reach the nearest Service Station. Customers can only use this service once per year, on subsequent occasions within the same year, the cost of fuel will be the customer’s responsibility.
Mistakenly Locked

If a spare key is located within 25 kms radius, then the attending technician will arrange for the collection and delivery of the key to the breakdown location. For distances beyond 25 kms, a charge of 25 Baht per km will apply. Alternatively, a locksmith service may be arranged at the customer’s expenses if required. If unsuccessful, the cost of a locksmith’s services is not covered under the assistance program.

24 hour technical advice Customers can get 24-hour access to technical advice in the event of accident or breakdown.

Worry-free from unexpected repair costs. Good value with our annual premium starting from only 7,500 Baht.

Terms and conditions


Insurance Packages

  • 12 months or 35,000 km. (whichever come first).
  • 24 months or 70,000 km. (whichever come first).


Eligibility Vehicles

  • Eligible vehicle age is a maximum of 180 months (from the date of registration) and maximum mileage not over 250,000 km.
  • Vehicles registered for “private use” only.
  • In case of the vehicle is fitted with flexible fuel such as CNG/NGV, the conversion kit must have been fitted by the car manufacturer.
  • Vehicle brands/models must be indicated in the specific table only.


Vehicles not eligible

  • Public service vehicle such as police car, fire fighter truck, public emergency rescue service, ambulance etc.
  • Vehicles used for public transport, taxi, hotel limo, rental service including specially modified vehicles for race and competition events, and wound back mileage.
  • Vehicle imported by independent grey importer.
  • Vehicle missed to follow manufacturer’s guideline such as overloading or modified to serve commercial propose.
  • the vehicle fitted with flexible fuel conversion kit which is not fitted by the car manufacturer.


Policy termination condition
Insurance policy will be terminated when any one of the followings occur.

  • When policy period is completed as specified in the insurance policy.
  • When the vehicle mileage reaches the maximum limit as specified in the insurance policy.
  • When accumulated claim amount reaches the sum insured.
  • The vehicle has been modified from the original condition.
  • The vehicle is found to have a wound back mileage.
  • When the vehicle is found to be used for racing, public transportation, driving school, rental or public service provide etc.


Examples of what the warranty does not cover

  • Cost of consumable parts and spare parts that need maintenance
  • Damage to deteriorated parts such as seals, gaskets, etc.
  • Car interior and exterior decoration materials
  • ECU, headlights and accessories including kits.
  • Expenses for cleaning parts and adjustments such as setting the wheel alignment, etc.
  • ttb motor warranty is the commercial name of the vehicle part warranty program.
  • The coverage and benefits shall be under the terms and conditions including the exclusions specified in the insurance policy.
  • Coverage conditions under the policy shall be effective from the date in the policy, which the insurance company has received full amount of the premium from the insured and the vehicle has passed our inspection criteria.
  • Muang Thai Insurance Public Company Limited is responsible for the coverage conditions and benefits as per stated in policy wording, which this program will be managed by AWP Services (Thailand) Co., Ltd.
  • If the insurance company found out that the vehicle does not match the eligible rules, the insurance company reserves the right to refund full premium to the insured via the customer’s payment channel.
  • In case the insured requests to cancel the policy within 30 days from the coverage’s effective date without any claim record, the insurance company will refund the premium in full amount. If the policy is cancelled after 30 days, the insurance company will refund only the remaining premium.
  • Insured is advised to read and understand the full details of policy conditions and exclusions before purchasing.
Underwritten by

Muang Thai Insurance Public Company Limited
TMBThanachart Bank Public Company Limited acts as an insurance broker and is liable as a broker only.

Frequently asked questions

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