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motor 2+ total loss

motor 2+ total loss

Relieve your worry even with total car damage. Turn huge problem into a slight one with high sum insured. Get coverage for car collision, car loss, damage caused by fire and flood. No deductible and no car inspection required.

Product highlights

Comprehensive coverage even with total damage.

Motor insurance type 2+ without deductible. Stress-free with full protection for car collision, loss, damage from fire and flood. High sum insured.

Instant coverage upon payment

Hassle-free from car inspection before taking out insurance.

New or old car….no need to worry

Protect the car you love with eligible car age between 2 - 20 years.

Benefit details

Coverage for car totally damaged from collision, fire, flood and loss of car.

Coverage Benefits
Loss of car or fire Up to sum insured
Total loss to car (all cases) Up to sum insured
Damage to car (flood) Up to sum insured
Damage to car
(collision with land vehicle)
Not exceeding 100,000 Baht/time

Damage to life, body or health including property damage.

Coverage Benefits
Damage to life, body and health/person Not exceeding 500,000 Baht/person
Damage to life, body and health/time Not exceeding 10,000,000 Baht/time
Damage to property Not exceeding 1,000,000 Baht/time

Cover personal accident, medical expense for driver or passenger and bail bond in criminal case.

Coverage Benefits
Personal accident coverage for driver or passenger Not exceeding 100,000 Baht/person
Medical expense for driver or passenger Not exceeding 100,000 Baht/person
Bail bond in criminal case Not exceeding 200,000 Baht/time

Terms and conditions

Underwriting Conditions
  • Available only for passenger cars and pick-up trucks for private use and not for public transportation or rent.
  • Available for cars aged between 1-20 years.
  • Car aged 1-3 years can be repaired at any service center of Thanchart Insurance’s affiliated dealers.
  • Car aged 4-20 years can be repaired at Thanachart Insurance’s affiliated garage.
  • Premium already includes dash cam discount.
  • Other conditions are as specified in the policy.
  • Not cover liability for damage arising from civil war, military or usurped power, rebellion, resurrection.
  • Not cover liability for damage arising from illegal use of vehicle such as for theft, snatching, drug smuggling and others as specified in the insurance policy.
Underwritten by

TMBThanachart Bank Public Company Limited acts as an insurance broker and is liable as a broker only.

Frequently asked questions

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