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ttb all free deposit account

With features far beyond a traditional savings account, ttb all free helps enhance your financial life with fee- free open account, free transactions, either cash withdrawal, transfer, payment or top-up all over the country. Just maintain an outstanding balance in your account and get free accident insurance coverage with reimbursable medical expense and life protection at 20 times the deposit amount or up to a maximum of 3 million Baht. Enjoy more rewarding experience when used with ttb all free debit card. You can choose either a physical card for spending around the world without 2.5% FX mark-up on overseas spending, or a digital card for online spending without card issuance fee and annual fee.


Product Highlights

Get free accident insurance from your deposit Get free accident insurance from your deposit

Get free accident insurance from your deposit

Just maintain a daily ending balance of not lower than 5,000 Baht throughout the month from the first day until the last day and you will get free medical expense together with life protection up to 3 million Baht or 20 times the deposit amount. The coverage will be automatically provided in the following month free of charge.

Online accident claims

For medical treatment in non-contractual medical centers, you can make advance payment and claim for reimbursement afterwards via website. Click

More Detail
Online accident claims Online accident claims
No advance payment just have an all free E-Care Card No advance payment just have an all free E-Care Card

No advance payment just have an all free E-Care Card

No need to make advance payment for medical expenses when an accident occurs. Only present all free E-Care Card via ttb touch application to the leading medical centers nationwide. Get maximum coverage of 3,000 Baht per accident without limited times.

More Detail

Participating hospitals all over the country

Peace of mind with more than 300 medical centers in Thanachart Insurance Group all over the country which are ready to provide treatment without advance payment. See the list of your nearest hospitals here.

Participating hospitals all over the country Participating hospitals all over the country

Debit Card Benefits

For local use : Cash withdrawal, transfer, payment and top-up free of charge.

At any bank’s ATM nationwide and via ttb touch. For greater convenience, you can make cardless withdrawal by getting withdrawal code via ttb touch.

For overseas use or on-line shopping with foreign currencies: No 2.5% FX charge

Better deal on currency exchange rates around the globe. Just choose to spend in local currencies to enjoy the offer. You can enable/disable overseas use any time via ttb touch to ensure safety.

Choose a debit card that compliments your lifestyle


Types of cards
บัตรเดบิต ออลล์ฟรี
all free debit card
(physical card)

บัตรเดบิต ออลล์ฟรี ดิจิทัล (บัตรเดบิตบนมือถือ)
all free digital debit card
(debit card on mobile phone)
Suitable for whom? Those who wants to simplify overseas travel by carrying just one card anywhere in the world without the trouble of paying for a new card. For online spending, shopping, booking plane tickets, booking hotels, or even linking their cards to other e-Wallets.


Fee-free Cash withdrawal, payment, top-up any bank’s ATM nationwide and via ttb touch. Cardless withdrawal at ttb atm and via ttb touch.
Fee-free 2.5% FX charge
Pay with wow
(use wow points in lieu of cash when spending via ttb all free debit card)
fee card issuance fee : 200 Baht/card (not over 5 cards per calendar year).
Annual fee: 250 Baht/card/year.
Free: debit card fee and annual fee.

open an account online

steps to open online deposit account through ttb touch app for new customers.

เปิดบัญชีออนไลน์โดยเลือกสมัคร ทีทีบีทัช
1.Open an online account by choosing to apply ttb touch.
2. confirm the terms and conditions.
เลือกเปิดบัญชีเงินฝาก all free
3. Enter your ID card number or passport number (For foreigners) Please turn off the Wi-Fi signal and use the 4G/5G signal from your phone.
ใส่เลขที่บัตรประชาชน หรือเลขหนังสือเดินทาง (สำหรับชาวต่างชาติ) กรุณาปิดสัญญาณ Wi-Fi และใช้สัญญาณ 4G/5G จากโทรศัพท์ของคุณ
4. Choose to open a deposit account all free
เลือกวิธียืนยันตัวตนที่คุณสะดวก ผ่าน 7-Eleven หรือ
ผ่านแอปธนาคารอื่น (National Digital ID (NDID))
5. Choose a channel of verification that is convenient for you, via 7-Eleven or through another bank app (National Digital ID (NDID).
กรณีเลือกวิธียืนยันตัวตน ผ่าน 7-Eleven เพียงแสดง QR Code พร้อมบัตรประชาชนที่ 7-Eleven ใกล้คุณ
6. In case of choosing a method to verify your identity via 7-Eleven, just show the QR Code along with your ID card at a 7-Eleven near you.
เมื่อยืนยันตัวตนสำเร็จ ระบบยืนยันเปิดบัญชีสามารถใช้งานบัญชีได้ทันที
7. When successful authentication Account opening confirmed
8. Open account successful

Product details

Open an Account

Several channels are available for your convenience.

  • Contact at every ttb branch.
  • Self-service account opening via ttb touch.
  • For additional information, please call ttb contact center 1428 throughout 24 hours.
Credit limit

Spending at any merchant that displays VISA signage around the world.

  • For personalized debit card (name card) 2,000,000 Baht/card/day
  • For anonymous debit card (no name card) 500,000 Baht/card/day
  • Cash withdrawal anywhere in the world 200,000 Baht/card/day
  • Money transfer and bill payment 500,000 Baht/card/day

You can increase/decrease your credit limit or block card any time via ttb touch.

Fees and Charges
ATM cash withdrawal Free at any ATM of participating banks
when making transactions with all free debit card
or using cardless withdrawal service via ttb touch.
Overseas cash withdrawal 75 Baht/time
There may be charges from the destination service provider (per transaction)
depending on each provider’s policy.
Domestic fund transfers nationwide Free when making transactions via all free debit card or ttb touch.
Top-up, bill payment via ATM and ttb touch Free and unlimited.
Open account fee Free of charge
New card issuance fee 200 Baht per card
debit card annual fee 250 Baht per card
(Collect fees for 1 year in the month in which the debit card was issued).
Card replacement fee (in case the card is lost, stolen or blocked) Free
(Not more than 5 new cards can be issued in 1 calendar year).


New card issuance fee of 200 Baht shall be waived upon meeting any one of the following conditions:

  • ttb reserve customers.
  • ttb payroll customers who meet the Bank’s conditions.


Annual fee of 250 Baht shall be waived upon meeting any one of the following conditions

  • ttb reserve customers
  • When the total spending via ttb all free debit card or ttb all free digital debit card or PayWave exceeds 20,000 Baht in one calendar year
  • When the total subscription of any SSF or RMF via ttb exceeds 100,000 Baht in one calendar year.
  • For ttb credit cardholder whose total spending via ttb credit card reaches 100,000 Baht in one calendar year.
  • ttb payroll customers who meet the Bank’s conditions.
How to submit claims

Accident claims Insurance provided by Thanachart Insurance PCL. Submit claims or check claim status, please call 0 2308 9300.
or For online claims, click


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