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ttb up & up term deposit account

ttb up & up term deposit account

A choice of deposit account that responds to your wish for quick returns. The longer you deposit, the higher return you will gain. Withdrawal schedule can be fixed as you prefer. Get special interest rate which increases every 6 months. We offer you an alternative from traditional fixed deposits for your financial freedom. Early withdrawal is allowed penalty-free.

Product Highlights

Get interest whenever you withdraw. Early withdrawal is allowed with interest rate still payable according to the deposit length.

Increasing interest. The longer you deposit, the higher interest you will get. Interest rate will increase every 6 months.

Get interest every 3 months. Interest is payable every 3 months for your greater convenience.

Account can be easier opened via ttb touch

Easier for apply via ttb touch

Product details

Account Details
  • Available for normal customers (individual persons)
  • The Depositor must have a savings account or current account in order to receive the transfer of interest .
  • Withdrawal of principal must be made in full amount as deposited. Partial principal withdrawal is not allowed. Cannot be used to secure loan from the Bank.
  • Interest rates and other conditions shall be as announced by the Bank. The Bank reserves the right to change the interest rates as well as terms and conditions as deemed appropriate subject to prior notice at the Bank’s Office and via the Bank’s website.
Interest Rate
Period Interest Rate (p.a.)
withdrawal upon Maturity
Other Fixed Deposit Accounts Premature withdrawal
1st – 6th month 0.70% Interest rate for normal savings deposits
7th - 12th month 1.40%
13th - 18th month 1.60%
19th - 24th month 3.00%

Average interest for ttb up & up : average interest for 12 month is 1.05% and 24 month is 1.675%

Interest Payment
  • Interest is payable on a 3 months basis subject to withholding tax in accordance with the Revenue Department’s Regulations by transferring to the savings account or current account under the same name as the customer as designated on the account opening date.
  • Premature withdrawal must be in full amount as deposited per transaction. Partial withdrawal is not allowed. The customer will receive interest proportional to the deposit term in the withdrawal month and in accordance with the Interest Rates announcement as of the deposit date after deduction of withholding tax.
Application Documents
  • National ID card