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ttb quick interest term
deposit account

ttb quick interest term deposit account

Solution for customers who seek new alternatives from traditional deposits. We offer you a new term deposit option that yields higher and faster interest payment. Interest can also be withdrawn prior to maturity.

Product Highlights

Special term deposit account 3 months or 12 months

Fastest interest payment. Get interest within 7 days from the deposit date.

Customers can choose either 3 months or 12 months deposit as preferred.

Product details

Account Details
  • Available for normal customers (individual persons) and non-profit charitable organizations.
  • A minimum of 10,000 Baht is required for account opening and 10,000 Baht up for each next deposit. Total deposit balance as an individual account and/or joint account, whereby the aggregate amount deposited in the individual account and joint account must not exceed 200,000,000 Baht per customer per deposit period.
  • Withdrawal of principal must be made in full amount as deposited. Partial principal withdrawal is not allowed.
  • The Depositor must have a savings account or current account in order to receive the transfer of interest .
  • Cannot be used to secure loan from the Bank.
  • Interest rates and other conditions shall be as announced by the Bank. The Bank reserves the right to change the interest rates as well as terms and conditions as deemed appropriate subject to prior notice at the Bank’s Office and via the Bank’s website.
Interest rate
  • Check interest rate at menu interest rate and fee
Interest Payment
  • Interest shall be paid within 7 days from the date of each deposit and enter into the savings account or current account specified by the customers after withholding tax in accordance with the Revenue Department’s Regulations.
  • Premature withdrawal with deposit length less than 3 months: No interest
  • Premature withdrawal with deposit length of 3 months or more: interest shall be proportional to the actual deposit period at the rate applicable to ttb basic deposit account published on the deposit date after withholding tax.
  • In case of premature withdrawal where interest has been paid in excess of the amount entitled to receive, the Depositor will get back money less than the amount deposited. The returned amount shall be equal to the principal + interest computed according to the criteria (if any) – interest before tax already received by the Depositor. In this respect, the Depositors must proceed to claim tax refund from the Revenue Department by themselves.
  • Upon maturity, the Bank shall automatically renew each account to the same deposit product type of 3-months or 12-months tenure.
Application Documents
  • National ID card
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