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ttb registrar and paying agent services

ttb offers a registrar and paying agent service to reduce the complexity of preparing registration database over the term to maturity, as well as to expedite and increase the accuracy and punctuality of interest payments. In this respect, ttb has obtained approval from the Office of Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to act as a Securities Registrar and is also a member of the Thai Security and Depository (TSD), thus enabling the Bank to provide services for all types of securities either in scrip or scripless form.

  1. To manage and prepare the register of securities holders entitled to receive benefits, calculate the benefits as well as set up an allocation method and report format that are accurate and up-to-standard in order to provide convenience to service users.
  2. To close the Register Book for entitlement to the benefits in the form of interest and/or other returns.
  3. To pay interest and/or principal via cheques or direct transfer into any bank’s account as required.
  4. To undertake the pledge, cancellation or issuance of new certificates to replace the lost certificates.
  5. To process share transfers or change of name/address with accuracy and rapidity.
  6. To put in place a standard e-database system for storing data of all types such as company, organization or individual information.

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