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ttb agency services

As an agency service provider, ttb offers a suite of services in support of project finance, syndicated loan and collateral transaction with efficiency, accuracy and swiftness. The service includes validating related information to ensure that it is in line with contract conditions.

1. Facility Agent Services

ttb acts as a facilitator and/or coordinator in order to provide convenience through the transaction as well as ensure that all related parties act in compliance with the conditions and under the scope of the agreement. We support project finance or syndicated loan deals by coordinating financial, credit and legal issues between the service users, loan syndicators and related parties such as legal and investment advisor. Our service is based on the principal that all parties shall comply with their covenant obligations as follows:

  • To provide opinion to the group of lenders and the borrower during the drafting of syndicated loan agreement.
  • To verify drawdown documents for assurance that they are correct and complete.
  • To calculate the interest and principal payment for each installment.
  • To supervise, examine and facilitate payment of interest and principal in accordance with the conditions.
  • To seek consent from the group of lenders in accordance with the conditions.
  • To safekeep loan agreements and related financial documents.

2. Security Agent Services

  • To take charge of all types of security such as securities certificates, ownership documents and deposit accounts.
  • To process the pledge and mortgage of security as well as deliver notifying letter to the debtor on behalf of the lender.
  • To ensure that the appraisal value of security shall be in accordance with the contract conditions and that such security shall be in safekeeping and ready for immediate use.

3. Restricted Deposit Account Services

We supervise deposit accounts where restrictions are placed on loan drawdown for buy / sell purpose, or on the agreement to buy any property under the contract conditions.

*Only for juristic persons or financial institutions*

  1. To supervise the customer’s rights and benefits and ensure accuracy with the contract conditions, as well as to deliver a standard form of appraisal report that is easy to understand.
  2. Responsible staffs have specific knowledge and expertise in credit financing, thus able to create confidence to the customers and all related parties.
  3. The Bank has modern management system in place to cater for future changes.

Juristic Persons

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