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ttb assignment of proceeds

The service that transfers the right to receive the payment to 3rd party beneficiaries according to instructions of beneficiaries (exporter) under the L/C. This facilitates exporters both intermediary trader who does not have stock in hand and/or exporter (beneficiary) who might not be able to finish the order within the specific date according to the L/C. This service allows our client to transfer the proceeds to other domestic manufacturer easily.

Bank transfer: ttb transfers only the proceeds under L/C to 3rd party beneficiaries with the name remained anonymous. Therefore, our service offers greater business possibilities to intermediary trader who seems to be unable to manufacture the order in time according to the L/C can easily seek for other domestic manufacturers.

  1. Risk mitigation to receive product as plan. For intermediary trader, this offers greater options in sourcing for domestic manufacturers. All the shipment will be done in time under the L/C.
  2. To eliminate all difficulties in money transfer and payment. ttb facilitates exporters with the excellent money transfer system. The payment, according to the assignment of proceeds agreement that both counter parties had done with ttb, will be paid accurately.

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