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ttb multi-currency account

ttb multi-currency account

Multi-currency Account combines THB and foreign currencies, allowing customers to receive funds in various currencies, placed into this account under foreign currencies and earn interest rate immediately. It allows corporate clients to do international transfer, convert currency and view e-statement in the most convenient way thru digital channel. Most importantly, ttb is the only bank in Thailand that offer such product to our clients.

ttb multi-currency account

ttb multi currency account บัญชีเดียวบริหารหลายสกุลเงิน

  • Able to manage 11 currencies THB | USD | EUR | GBP | AUD | JPY | CNY | CAD | SGD | CHF | DKK in single account.

  • Incoming funds are placed into MCA and earn interest rate immediately.

  • Transact conveniently via online channel.

  • Be notified in every transactions, transferring, money receiving and currency conversion.


Get notification on incoming funds.
Receive foreign funds into your account directly and earn interest.
Check balance of every currencies in single statement.
Promptly transfer foreign currency to counterparty.
Convert between FCY and THB easily.

  • 1. Support 11 major currencies in ONE account (THB, USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, AUD, CNY, CAD, SGD, CHF, DKK)
  • 2. Income funds are automatically credited into your account and earn interest immediately.
  • 3. Convert between THB & foreign currency at your preferred rate.
  • 4. Transfer FCY out directly.
  • 5. Conveniently transact online without having to go to branch.
  • 6. Receive email notification for inward, outward remittance and currency conversion.
  • 7. View and access your transaction movements of all currencies in ONE statement.


Juristic with Export or Import volume

Documents Required

  • Affidavit from Ministry of Commerce (Date of issue shall not more than 3 months)
  • List of shareholders (BorAorJor 5) (Date of issue shall not more than 3 months)
  • Minute of Board of Director’s Original
  • Certified true copied of ID card/Passport for related persons