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ttb cash collection & delivery

Cash Collection

A service that the bank or a bank representative will collect cash at the corporate customer’s office / branches or any place designated by the customer. This cash will then be counted and deposited into the customer’s bank account as agreed.

Cash Delivery

A service for exchanging and transporting the cash to corporate customers. The bank or bank representative will prepare cash according to the customer’s requirements regarding amount and denomination. The cash will be delivered to the customer’s office or any destination designated by the customer, and fund will be deducted from the customer’s bank account as per agreed.

  1. More convenient and safer transportation of cash.
  2. Reduce the number of steps and the amount of time in transporting cash and deposit cash to the customer’s account.
  3. Cash will always be delivered on time with the amount and denominations as specified by the customer.
  4. Convenient for the customer to manage cash flow in advance.

Juristic Persons

Document Required

For Juristic Persons

  1. Certificate of Company Registration (certification document from the Ministry of Commerce) / must be submitted within 3 months of certification from the Ministry of Commerce
  2. A copy of the identification cards of the authorized signatory
  3. Power of attorney authorization letter certified by the attorney in fact, along with copies of the identification cards of the attorney in fact and the principal (authorization grantor) (if available)
  4. Minutes of meetings of directors
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