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ttb foreign currency deposit account

Foreign currency deposit account to help customers manage FX risks by doing business in respective transacting currencies and thereby reducing foreign exchange risk. Refer to the bank’s announcement for available currency and their interest rates.

  1. Reduced risk by managing your payments and receivables in foreign currency.
  2. Manage cost efficiently with our transparent fee structure.
  3. Ease of transacting and doing business internationally.
  4. High yield, with some currency having higher interest rates than THB.

Juristic persons, with a minimum initial deposit;
Savings account: USD 10,000 or equivalent
Current account: USD 2,000 or equivalen

Document Required

For Juristic Persons

  1. A copy of the identification cards of the executive director, the authorized director, shareholders with at least 20% share, and the authorized person appointed by the company
  2. Certificate of Company Registration (certification document from the Ministry of Commerce) / must be submitted within 3 months of certification from the Ministry of Commerce
  3. Certified copy of the list of shareholders (Bor. Or. Jor. 5), submitted within 3 months of certification from the Ministry of Commerce
  4. Minutes of meeting of directors with the request to open the account / Letter of request to open a bank account / Power of attorney letter (in the event where authorized signatory to open a bank account or to perform banking transactions is not specified in either the minutes of meetings or the letter of request)