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Payment Service Providers (Lotus's)

Service Details

  1. The payment amount per transaction must not exceed 49,000 baht
  2. 2 times a day per account number/credit card number.


10 baht per payment transaction (VAT included)


  1. Present the invoice, identification document (i.e., identification card) used to verify the sanction list in accordance with the Anti-Money Laundering Office's notification to make payments through Lotus's branches nationwide
  2. After the staff scanning the barcode, give cash for payment to the staff
  3. The staff enters the amount of payment and receives the cash payment with the service fee
  4. Get a slip as proof of payment

Requirements for the service

  1. Payer's invoice
  2. Identification document (identification card)
  3. Cash to make payment

Types of products and services provided

  1. Auto loan
  2. Credit card/cash card
  3. Retail Loan