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Deposit Service Providers (Counter Service)

Service Details

  • Deposit limit ranges from 1 baht to 30,000 baht per transaction
  • Daily maximum deposit limit up to 100,000 baht/account


15 baht service charge per transaction (VAT included)

Transaction procedure

  1. Request to deposit cash into ttb bank account with the 7-Eleven staff
  2. Present and insert the identification card into the POS machine
  3. Proceed with the POS machine to confirm the transaction as follows:
    1. Press the "Green button" to accept the deposit terms and conditions
    2. Enter the payee's account number
    3. Enter the mobile phone number of the depositor to deposit
    4. Enter the deposit amount
    5. Verify the deposit transaction on the screen before confirming
    6. Press the "Green" button to verify the information displayed on the POS machine and validate the transaction
  4. Pay cash and fee to the staff
  5. Get a slip as proof of deposit

Requirements for the service

  1. Depositor's identification card
  2. Depositor's mobile phone number
  3. Account number for the deposit
  4. Cash to deposit